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Khadejah James : Original Girl Boss


I like many other people born in the early 90s am unapologetically obsessed with pop culture from that decade. I spend many late nights up watching black sitcoms from that era getting my laugh on. Of these shows one of my favorites is Living Single. Now we can spend hours discussing how Friends is a rip-off of the show or which roommate is your favorite.

However this article isn’t about any of that. This is about the greatness that is Khadijah James A.K.A The Original Girl Boss. When I decided I wanted to become a self-published author I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Starting your own business and being a “Girl Boss” takes time and dedication. There are many hard days but a few tips that I learned from Khadijah will help not just me but you guys to

She wasn’t afraid of the struggle.

For those of you who don’t remember Khadijah didn’t always own flavor. They mention several times that she had interned at some of the top African American magazines. It would have been easy for her to get a job after college and live a struggle free life. How many of yall have researched wholesalers or bought a domain for your website but never started your business. She wasn’t intimidated by the struggle and you shouldn’t be either.

Hustling wasn’t an issue.

Flavor wasn’t raking in the dough right off the back hardly any businesses do. Yet they all have some sort of startup cost. Khadijah was always going to hustle to make Flavor a reality. I remember watching her deliver pizzas to keep her magazine rolling.   If you don’t want to put in work for your dream then it aint yours.

People will try to play you.

I can’t count how many people on how many episodes called Flavor a flyer or a pamphlet. If someone doesn’t understand what it is your trying to do so what? People will always try to belittle things that they don’t understand. Someone is going to make it seem like you’re wasting your time, ignore they ass.

Baby I’m back –Scooter

Dating and running a business is always complicated. If you are working a 9 to 5 and starting your business it’s even harder. Now Khadijah had her far share of romance but Flavor was her first love. No matter how many times her on again off again boyfriend Scooter came in her life she always secured her bag.

Break downs are a part of the game.

I always thought people were exaggerating when they said they put blood sweat and tears into manifesting their dream. Now I know they told the truth. Don’t be ashamed to cry sometimes. Feeling overwhelmed and freaking out was a part of Khadijah’s character. She wasn’t scared to cry or be upset when things didn’t go the way she needed them to.


Being a boss isn’t easy and everyone’s isn’t called to it. The times when you want to quit are often and it feels like your crying more than you’re smiling. Learn from the original “Girl Boss” and make sure to have balance. Take time to watch a movie, hang out with your girls, or even go on a date with your “Scooter”, but never ever quit on yourself.


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