About Us

Soooo what in the hell is a shopchrischanel? The Chris & Chanel is from my actual name which is Christian Chanel. I chose to name my brand after me because my brand is me basically. I get a lot of my ideas from the 90s era, thats when I was born, S/O to all the 90s babies! I also get inspiration from memes & music.

I started last year in Oct 2016. I started because I was broke and still am! I was working at a sad ass verizon call center and I was like Chanel, you have a college degree, and all you do is work at a call center, this shit cant be life. I took $100 dollars and boom shopchrischanel was born. I dont know if people actually even read this but if you do I encourage you to just do whatever it is you want to do! I started with $100 dollars and here I am writing about me sections on my own website! How bout dat!

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