I Love Hood Niggas


All my life I have liked the “bad boy”. I remember being in elementary school and finding something attractive about the boys that got in trouble. As I got older I wanted the brothas who wore their jeans hanging low and they durags tied tight. I Loved the Hood Niggas!

I felt like I could never go wrong with a “Quan”. I have entertained my fair share of squares. Guys named Stanley that wore polo shirts and didn’t know crack and coke was all the same but the connection was never as intense as the one I had with “My Quan”.

When you with a hood boy you never have to wonder how they feel about you. It’s my belief that hugging the block makes you appreciate time therefor they don’t waste it being “Just Friends”.

When I see you girls out here begging Stanley to hold your hand and give you a hug I can only shake my head and sigh. You never have to beg a brotha with girllz on the top row of his teeth to give you a kiss they automatically grab you the neck and do so. Fear isn’t an option in the hood they don’t care about what others think when they are more worried about being robbed.

Stop sitting around waiting to meet Stanley’s mama who after three years still doesn’t know you exist. You could of meet Quan’s mama (Ms Shirley) and been her best friend after the first date. Quan will always bring you around his friends and family. Hood Niggas have a natural sense of pride towards the good women in their lives.

From Cardi and Offsets matching bling to Keyshia and Gucci’s his and her whips hood niggas love to share. They use words like ours and think its lame to not get you something when the cop something for themselves. They love to spoil the women in their lives and keep them looking good.

There isn’t a person in the world that will have your back like a hood nigga. If you don’t like that hoe at your job he doesn’t either. They aren’t out here trying to be friends with everybody they only want you to be straight.( Quan is willing to go to war for you as long as you by his side.)

The Wopsters, The Carters, and (my new favorite) CardiSet are happy hip-hop couples that all have one thing in common. The woman found her Quan and with him was her happily ever after. Now every day aint sunshine and rainbows it’s going to definitely be some gunshots and stab wounds but the loyalty can’t be compared.

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