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Next Caller : Its my mouth and I can say what I want to!




Over my holiday break, I got the opportunity to tune into The Queens Court show on YouTube. For those of you who don’t know Khia (My Neck, My Back) and TS Madison (blogger) are serving urban justice to the culture. Khia delivers reads and roast while Maddy comes through with the comedic antics and few reads herself. The show has taken a great deal of heat because the two female host don’t censor themselves but instead speak their minds in a comical way.

As a woman growing up in the south, I was always told that I would be more attractive if I talked less. If I said the food at a place was nasty, then I got labeled as hard to satisfy. When I expressed I didn’t want to date a seventeen year old with pre-mature balding, I was told that I was just being picky. (He also had a whole fiancé.) In school, it seemed like all the boys wanted to date the girls that walked around afraid to say how they felt. The baddest chick in my high school never even talked to her boyfriends. While other girls were giggling quietly at the class clowns jokes, I was in the middle of roasting somebodies clip on ponytail.

Khia has pointed out in the show that if she was an outspoken male she would have surpassed Charlemagne by now in fame, but because she’s a woman she gets called a hater. She is called bitter because she goes in on Trina (I am a Trina fan). Yet comedians like DL Hughley talk trash about people they don’t care for all the time.

If I had a dollar for every time a woman came to me and told me I said what they were thinking, I would be rich. Men cuss like sailors and then tell their girlfriends they would prefer her not to curse. Let the church say amen if you’ve ever been told you were being difficult.

Give me a hand clap if you’ve been called mouthy, and stick up both middle fingers if someone has ever asked you why you were “so angry”. Let’s not get crazy and go to work cussing out our bosses or telling the lady at the light bill office how we really feel, it’s a time and place for everything. However, at the end of the day it’s my mouth and I will say what I wanna say.

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